During the COVID pandemic, several community projects sprang up to help local people in urgent need in Looe.

Set up by energetic, caring people and supported by Looe Town Council, Looe Development Trust and The Rusty Bucket along with a range of funding bodies these were:

Looe Community Meals

Delivering hot meals twice a week to some 40 people in Looe. Meals are provided at cost by local restaurants, whose support is crucial, and are delivered by volunteers.

Looe Community (formerly called Hardship) Fund

Providing emergency one-off payments to 85 families in the parish of Looe.

Community Cupboard

Providing a “give and take” cupboard, located by the Library in Looe. This may soon be joined by a Community Fridge/Freezer.

Christmas Lunch

Delivering a Christmas Day meal for 35 people plus nine volunteer drivers in 2020.

On Christmas Day 2021, 24 people attended a communal meal at the Millpool Centre and 20 had meals delivered at home.

Secret Santa

Raising funds to provide Christmas gifts to people nominated by the community.

Cornwall Councillor and Mayor of Looe, Edwina Hannaford, said: “I am so proud that Looe stepped up and provided such support for so many people in our town.

“I must say, it is typical of the generous spirit of our community that donations pour in and volunteers commit their time so readily.

“I would like to thank each one of the donors, organisers and volunteers, The Rusty Bucket, Looe Development Trust and, in particular, its Treasurer Colin Tregear, who has made such a great contribution but is soon retiring.”

Now that COVID is, for the time being, taking a less extreme path, the projects are being formally structured, re-evaluated and re-organised.

The cost of living challenges facing so many people mean that projects like these, created in emergency, will be needed for some time.

The Looe-based charity, Boundless Trust, have agreed to take on these projects, review and develop them, adapt them to changing needs, lead the fundraising and ensure everything is done to meet registered charity requirements including attracting gift aid on donations from eligible taxpayers.

Councillor Hannaford added: “We are all delighted that Boundless Trust is agreeing to take on and develop this essential work.

“Boundless has already shown what it can achieve with young people at The Haven in Looe and I know their team will work with other bodies in our Town to build essential and broader community projects going forward.”

Justin Spreckley, speaking for the Looe Development Trust, said: “We are delighted that a structured way forward for continuing these services has been found through Boundless Trust.”

Barney Barron, speaking for Boundless Trust, said: “The sign of a good and well-functioning community is one in which everyone is valued; where we aspire to the create an environment where all can flourish whatever their age, background and economic status.

“We are grateful to all that the Development Trust and Town Council have done and continue to do for the benefit of our town.

“Boundless Trust welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with the community and in partnership with these and other organisations to make those aspirations a reality.”

Details of how to apply for these and future projects will be announced by Boundless Trust.

Meanwhile, access is through the Looe Town Council website Community Funds page: www.looetowncouncil.gov.uk or phone Sara Barron on 07766 020524.