Regarding your headline report Cornish Times (17.3.00) about 'Job Vacancies at Looe Job Centre'.

Although I'm retired and not a job-seeker, I visit the job centre most days, purely out of interest and to keep up to date with the Vacancies situation.

The manager at the Job Centre should be directing his comments at the employers, not the job-seekers.

My own daughter alone has filled in eight application forms with excellent references and not even had the courtesy of a reply to any of them or even a quick telephone call, costing coppers, to reject the application.

At least people would know where they stood and would not be getting their hopes up.

She is not by any means the only one, the problem is common. My daughter has even applied for jobs at Butlins, Minehead, and the Isles of Scilly, with some results.

People cannot do anymore than apply for jobs and hope for a positive response.

On two occasions she has followed up vacancies only to be told the applicant was away on holiday for at least two weeks.

So, the manager of Looe Job Centre should be laying the blame where it belongs with the employer.


West Looe.

P.S. Many of the jobs advertised require qualifications, and also so many are jobs so poorly paid, not many hours and not starting until Easter.