WITH two league games remaining, the top three places appear to be sorted.

Top of the table Shipfaced visited Lanreath aiming to gain revenge for a 5-4 defeat at home to Udder Bullocks. 

The game started badly for the Bullocks when Nathan 'Small' Toms hit a 180 with the first three darts of the evening and Shipfaced coasted to a 8-0 lead before Dave Smith beat Kyle Courtis in the last game of the evening to save a whitewash. 

Both Pelynt Travellers and Polruan Pirates, in second and third respectively recorded 7-2 wins. 

Travellers beat Russell Smugglers and the shock of the evening came when Bill Beese beat Steve Rendle in the first singles of the evening to level the score at 2-2, while Donna Bawden and Charlie Fisher enjoyed a doubles success.

Pelynt, last year’s runners-up, travelled to Polruan where a Tommy Davies singles win and doubles success with Adam Saunders provided the only points. 

Russell Smugglers hosted Old School Flingers and in a tight game recorded a 5-4 victory.

Sharon Emery and Terry Fowler provided three of Flingers points with both singles and doubles victories. 

In the final game of the evening, Bulls Hitters travelled to Polperro where hosts, Wasted Seamen, just couldn't get over the line at 4-4 as the Hitters’ George Cartwright beat Michelle Warren.

Results and Scorers: Pelynt Travellers 7 (S Rendle 105, N Hicks 2x100, 2x125 and 2x180, A Driver 2x100 and 2x140, M Marshall 100, S Batten 120) Russell Smugglers 2 (B Beese 3x100 and 121, C Fisher 2x132), Polruan Pirates 7 (T Bridger 100 and 2x140, B Lewis 3x100 and 121, T Bawden100, 101 and 140, A Devereaux 3x100 and 140, S Lewis 2x100, J Grainger 4x100 and 140) Pelynt 2 (M Johns 3x100 and 140, T Davies 3x100, 135 and 3x140, A Saunders 100, 125 and J Dicks 3x100), Russell Rebels 5 (R Sainsbury 140, D Robinson 2x125, Y Hutchins 4x100 and 140, C Ziegland 100 and 110, E Sainsbury 100 and 140) Old School Flingers 4 (J Fowler 140, R Napper 2x100 and 118, S Emery 124, T Fowler 100, 140 and 147), Udder Bullocks 1 (A Collins 2x100 and 127, T Collins 115 and 125, J Collins 4x100, M Lorenz 5x100, D Smith 115) Shipfaced 8 (N Toms 3x100, 123 and 180, C Skeldon 100 and 135, M Gilham 2x100, 121 and 140, A Grant 2x100 and 134, L Crapp 2x140, K Courtis 2x100), Wasted Seamen 4 (V Moreau 100 and 124, T Greville 2x100 and 140, L Bryant 125, A Grice 105 and 127, M Warren 100 and 108) Bulls Hitters 5 (G Toms 5x100 and 121, S Cartwright 3x100 and 140, I Dyer 4x100, 101 and 2x140).