WERRINGTON Cricket Club have appointed Adam Paynter as their new chair to replace the long-serving Richard Jenkin.

Jenkin, who steps down after taking over in November 2006, has seen the club maintain their top-flight status throughout his tenure and win four ECB Cornwall Premier League crowns as well as several cup competitions.

Paynter’s appointment was ratified at the club’s annual general meeting at Werrington Park on Wednesday, November 15, with Ben Smeeth remaining as vice-chair, while Jenkin was made an honorary life member for his outstanding service following a recommendation by Andrew Smeeth.

Paynter’s secretary will be Richard Stanbury who has replaced Adam Jenkin, while on the playing front there is just one change to the senior captains as Jason Seldon takes over the seconds from wicket-keeper Rob Dymond.

Reflecting on his decision, Jenkin told the Post: “It means a lot to step down, but I’ve had a really good run.

“We had a far better season in 2023 than we anticipated, so it felt like a good time to go.”

Jenkin farms close by, and admits the job has given him so much.

He said: “I’ve met a lot of people from different walks of life, many of whom have become really good friends.

“And thankfully we’ve been fairly successful on the field. When we won the Premier League title for the first time in 2012 it was a huge thing for the club, and we had a brilliant side.

“For those few years we had a really good run with four league titles in seven seasons.

“After that we lost a few key players, but Nick Lawson has done a really good job and the team is looking up again.

“We’ve also got some amazing youth players coming through, so the club is in an amazing place to kick on.”

Werrington is one of the biggest clubs in the county with four senior sides, a thriving youth programme and a burgeoning ladies’ set-up.

Jenkin said: “I’d like to give a general thanks to all those who have supported me over the years.

“It’s been a really interesting journey and one I couldn’t have done without the support of the committee, players and supporters. We tried to back the players and they backed the team, so it’s been a great team effort really.

“Also, Adam Hodgson as director of cricket has been a breath of fresh air, and with Adam as chairman and Richard Stanbury as secretary, the club is in a good place.”

After taking on the role, Adam Paynter told the Post: “It’s a great honour and privilege to be appointed as chairman of Werrington Cricket Club. I know how important a role it is and we have several plans to take the club forward.”

Paynter praised the work of his predecessor, saying: “Richard has done a fantastic job in seeing the club go from strength to strength, including winning four Premier League titles and ensuring the club is run in a sustainable way, and he’ll continue to be involved a bit going forward.

“He’s respected by everybody for the way he’s run the club and kept moving it in the right direction, which is  never an easy thing to do.”

Paynter has taken on the role as former first team captain Ben Smeeth, who still plays and runs the youth side of things, is too busy.

Paynter said: “Richard let everybody know a few months ago that he wanted to step down. Ben as vice-chairman had hoped to take it on, but with his current work commitments he wasn’t in the position to do so at this stage.

“He’s still fully committed to keep playing and do his role as head of youth, and will be a big help to me.”

With the club appointing Adam Hodgson as director of cricket earlier this year, it means Paynter can focus more on off-field matters.

Paynter said: “Adam has been great sorting out the playing side of it which will make my life easier, and I believe it is important to disperse the leadership roles around the club, and not just on two or three people.

“If something happens to one of those, or they can’t do it for whatever reason, then it could all come tumbling down.

“But if you’ve got a committee full of a wide range of abilities like we have, then you have a really good team.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve had some new people come in, and they’ve really added to what is a family-run club.”

Werrington are a club respected by many, and Paynter expects them to flourish.

He said: “We’re pleased with where the club is on and off the pitch, but we want to keep moving forward.

“Planning permission was originally granted in 2018 for new changing rooms, but we chose to wait on the build due to COVID. We have resubmitted the application, and it has been lodged to add two new changing rooms to the existing pavilion and hope to build them over the next 12 months.

“The time is right for that as we’ve got a growing youth and girls’ section and we want facilities that serve the club.

“We’ve also done work on the square over the winter as the bounce had got less and less in recent years, so we’re looking forward to seeing the wickets of old.”

Paynter is well known in local circles as the Cornwall Councillor for Launceston North and North Petherwin, and hopes that will help him in his new role.

He said: “With my political career I’m used to sitting in far too many meetings, so I’m used to doing that side of things.

“I want to make sure that the club is run well, and with a new secretary coming in as well, it’s two important roles.

“I want to future-proof the club as much as possible so that lots of stuff can be computerised.

“We want everything to be as efficiently done as possible to reduce the workload on everybody which is incredibly important in this day an age where everybody has busy lives.”

The officers for 2024 are as follows: Patron: Michael and Thomas Williams; President: Bernie Wills; Trustees: Richard Jenkin, David Baker, Linda Cobbledick, Nick Banks; Chair: Adam Paynter; Vice-Chair: Ben Smeeth; Hon Secretary: Richard Stanbury; Treasurer: Ian Gribble; Director of Cricket: Adam Hodgson; First Team Captain: Nick Lawson; Second Team Captain: Jason Seldon; Third Team Captain: Ian Wills; Fourth Team Captain: Keith Moore; Selection Committee: The four captains plus Paul Jenkin and David Baker; Head of Youth: Ben Smeeth; Bar Manager: Ben Jenkin; Head Groundsman: Keith Moore; Assistant Groundsmen: David Baker, Brian Baker, Paul Hicks, Andrew Smeeth and Matt Chatfield; Child Welfare Officer: Adam Paynter; Club Development Officer: Adam Paynter; 100 Club Co-ordinator: Richard Stanbury, assisted by Dan Warring; Website/Social Media: Ben Sonley, assisted by Ed Walters; Co-opted Committee Members: Jon Barnard, Jacqui Walters, Nick Wills, Dave Uglow and Carla Barnard.