PLYMOUTH Gladiators have ended the Cab Direct Championship season with the wooden spoon after losing their final two matches away from home.

It summed up their whole bad-luck-ridden campaign that skipper and number one Kyle Howarth was injured while guesting for Birmingham at Edinburgh on Friday night, having ridden for Plymouth in the first part of a double header at Armadale.

It meant for last night's meeting at Berwick, Plymouth were only able to track two of their own riders and had four guests, with Dan Gilkes, Howarth, Ben Barker and Dan Thompson all injured, and Richie Worrall suspended.

Edinburgh's two victories over Plymouth and Birmingham secured them the sixth and final play-off place.

The Gladiators finished with only two wins from their 16 league matches.

Poole, who finished top of the table, not surprisingly, have picked Scunthorpe and Edinburgh to be in their play-off group, with Glasgow, Oxford and Redcar in an incredibly tough second pool.

Edinburgh 60: Josh Pickering 15, Richard Lawson 13+2, Kye Thomson 11, Luke Killeen 6, Paco Castagna 5+3, Bastian Borke 5+2, Lasse Fredriksen 5. Plymouth 29: Kyle Howarth 12, Sam Hagon (guest) 5, Justin Sedgmen (guest) 4, Jason Edwards (burst )3+1, James Pearson 3, Ben Trigger 2, Richie Worrall r/r. Edinburgh win the aggregate point.

Berwick 52: Rory Schlein 12, Jye Etheridge 11+3, Leon Flint 11+1, Jacob Hook 9+1, Hans Andersen 8, Luke Killeen (guest) 1, Steve Boxall r/r. Plymouth 38: Simon Lambert (guest) 15+1, Jason Edwards (guest) 10, James Pearson 6+2, Kye Thomson (guest) 6+1, Matt Marson (guest) 1+1, Ben Trigger 0, Kyle Howarth r/r. Berwick win the aggregate point.