CORNWALL hosted Somerset last Sunday in the Premier section of the ESMBA Inter County Championship, needing a big win to keep hopes alive of making the end-of-season knockout competition, writes Nicholas Truscott.  

Cornwall dominated the match, winning 13 of the 16 games and taking all eight bonus points to record a comprehensive 34 points to six and 214 shots to 130 win.

In the first session, Cornwall took three wins with Nigel Nicholls and Luke Jolly triumphing 21-4 and 17-8 respectively in the Singles and new pairing Simon Lees & Steve Smith winning 14-11 in the Pairs.  

Cornwall took a clean sweep in the second session, the morning Triples and Fours, taking a 14-2 lead at the halfway point in the match, with Jon Read, Mark Slack & Mike Dyer winning 13-9 and Austen Runnalls, Ray Jeffery & Martin Boraston victorious 15-5 in the Triples.  

In the Fours, Morgan Lees, Richard Kerr, Mark Payne & Kevin Williams won 12-8 and Sandra Worton, John Worton, Mark Williams & Peter Hore won 10-5.

The third session, the afternoon Singles and Pairs, saw a second clean sweep, with Cornwall taking all the points on offer.  

Nicholls & Jolly won 14-6 & 15-10 respectively in the Singles. David Studden & Elise Daniell won 20-4 and Lees & Smith triumphed 11-9 in the Pairs.  

In the final session, Somerset found some consolation, restricting Cornwall to two wins, Dyer’s Triple winning 15-13 and Hore’s Four 14-6 victors.  

With all counties having now played four games, Devon lead the group with 103 points, Dorset 91, Cornwall 85 and Somerset 41.  

Scores: Singles – Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 21-4 & 14-6, Luke Jolly (Holmans) 17-8 & 15-10; Pairs – David Studden (Holmans) & Elise Daniell (Holmans) 8-11 & 20-4, Steve Smith (St Newlyn East) & Simon Lees (Newlyn Trinity) 14-11 & 11-9; Triples – Mike Dyer (Newlyn Trinity), Mark Slack (Duloe) & Jon Read (Duloe) 12-9 & 15-13, Martin Boraston (Duloe), Ray Jeffery (Newlyn Trinity) & Austen Runnalls (Luxulyan) 15-5 & 8-13; Fours – Kevin Williams (Porthleven), Richard Kerr (Landrake), Mark Payne (Penzance) & Morgan Lees (Newlyn Trinity) 12-8 & 7-8, Peter Hore (Holmans), Mark Williams (Lanteglos), John Worton (St Newlyn East) & Sandra Worton (St Newlyn East) 10-5 & 14-6.

The remaining matches in the South West group see Cornwall face Devon home and away in both the Premier & A Team competitions, whilst Dorset face Somerset home and away in the Premier Competition.  

In the Premier Competition, Cornwall need 50 out of a possible 80 points over the two games to qualify for the knockout competition.  

In the A Team competition, Dorset have completed their fixtures with 63 points, Devon have 57 points from two matches and Cornwall have 40.  

Cornwall need 49 out of a possible 80 points over the two games to qualify for the knockout stages.

Both Cornwall teams are back in action on Sunday, with Devon the visitors to Carnmoggas in what are must-win fixtures for both teams to keep their chances of making the knockout competitions alive.