TEAM members from Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary near Looe are excited to announce that their resident wallaby has given birth to twins.

Earlier last week, one of the park’s animal keepers, Shay, was given quite the surprise when she arrived at the wallaby red neck paddock — one of the female marsupials had given birth to twin joeys, who were spotted nestled in her pouch.

The keepers said that it is very rare for wallaby to give birth to twins however they do have the ability to nurse two joeys at the same time and produce a different milk for each one. This is the first time that this has happen in the park’s 35 years of history and keepers at the park are very excited about their newest furry editions.

A spokesperson from the park explained: “Our keepers will be keeping a close eye on their female marsupial and her joeys and they look forward to seeing them out of the pouch in about five months time.”

Porfell Wildlife Park is a non-profit animal sanctuary situated only a few miles from Looe. It offers sanctuary to many different animals from around the world who may have been neglected, injured, imported illegally or simply no longer wanted.