Volunteers Christine Tipper and Mike Critchley have just returned from the tsunami devastated area of eastern India where they have been working on behalf of the South East Cornwall based charity Harvest India (UK). Mr Critchley, the charity's chairman, and trustee Ms Tipper, went to supervise the spending of newly donated money which followed the Boxing Day disaster. They visited six fishing villages where they found: -No aid was available, apart from 100 rupees (£1.40) apiece to victims from the government -No charities were operating except for a Salvation Army Land rover they spotted, and two boats on lorries bearing the sign 'From the People of Wales' -People were very hungry and eating the roots of palm trees -Despite the situation church pastors, their contacts, were doing a fantastic job. Said Mr Critchley: 'Our initial activity was to spend about half the £11,000 we took with us, then decide at the end of the visit where the remainder was best spent. 'Money was allocated, in the main, for rice, clothing, cooking utensils, blankets, and fishing nets.' Flooding In one village they visited they found the tsunami had struck from two directions, flooding it to a depth of up to 15 ft. The inhabitants had to swim for 90 minutes amongst scrub and thorn bushes, and about 15 of them were lost. Many homes were lost, and it will cost £250 each to replace them. Harvest India (UK) was able to help 415 families there, with a small cash grant going to bereaved families and those who had been badly disabled. The fishing communities need money now to replace lost boats, engines, and nets (an industrial sized net costs £2,500) to help them in their attempt to return to some kind of normality. However much can be done by spending as little as £20. Harvest India (UK) will try to find a willing recruit, sponsored by local funding, to go out and help repair damaged boats and train Indian people in the required skills. Ms Tipper has decided to rent out her house and return to India, in March or April, for at least six months to provide more help. In the meantime, more funds are needed to help Harvest India (UK) meet the needs of the tsunami victims, as well as their normal work in providing vital things such as new bore holes. The registered charity has an account with HSBC at 4, Old Town Street, Plymouth PL1 1DD. The account number is 32213427 and the sort code is 40.36.22.