Residents and parish councillors in St Cleer are celebrating after securing land for allotments.

The parish council has spent five years raising funds to purchase a plot and recently secured a two-acre field off Bakers Hill.

The council was also given a grant of £4,000 towards the purchase from the former Caradon District Council.

The chairman of St Cleer Parish Council, Len Booth-Clibborn, said: 'A lot of hard work has been put in by the parish council to get this land. Special thanks must go to the parish clerk, Chris Harris.

'It's becoming more popular and socially acceptable to own an allotment nowadays as people want to grow their own vegetables, so it's great that we have been able to get this land.'

The fenced plot will now be split into sections, which residents can rent for a fee each year.

Around 25 people want to have their own allotment in the village. The site has its own water supply and parking area. The parish council and St Cleer Allotment Association are holding a meeting at the Sports Pavilion at 7pm on Thursday to discuss how the land will be shared. People interested in renting an allotment are also invited.