THE Cornwall College Group (TCCG) has announced the launch of ‘Career Skills Training’, a new initiative focused on providing tailored skills development aligned with local industry needs.

The innovative suite of employer-focused training, set to uplift the regional workforce in key industries, targets the urgent need for specialised skills development highlighted in the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) for Devon and Cornwall.

Lisa Piper, head of business development at Career Skills Training, emphasised the importance of meaningful communication between businesses and educational institutions to ensure that the skills taught match the real needs of local businesses.

Lisa said: “Every employer has a unique set of goals and challenges. We’re passionate about supporting employers across Devon and Cornwall to tackle these challenges head-on and drive success through top-quality skills training.”

The most recent LSIP for Devon and Cornwall has highlighted several key areas for growth and development to address local skills gaps. The focus is on sectors where there is a high demand for

skilled workers and where training can significantly impact local economies. This includes construction and building trades, digital technologies, engineering and manufacturing, healthcare, as well as marine technology.

Lisa continued: “Our courses are meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of businesses and to help tackle the all-important skills gaps we’re facing in the region. This customised approach ensures that companies are gaining practical benefits, enhancing competitive edge and operational efficiency, as well as future-proofing their business with cutting-edge skills.”

With training in a broad range of areas, Career Skills Training offers more than 70 courses, ranging from advanced engineering practices like CNC and welding, to essential business skills in leadership and management. Capitalising on TCCG’s extensive resources, employers can access expert training delivery and state-of-the-art facilities across its ten campuses, ensuring that their workforce is equipped with cutting-edge skills that align with industry advancements and market needs.

Tony Marshall, director of business development and partnerships at Career Skills Training, said: “Career Skills Training represents a strategically built team with a track record of delivering employer solutions.

“We are not just responding to market needs; we are anticipating future demands and preparing our region’s workforce to excel. Our close collaboration with local industries ensures that our training is not only relevant but also a transformative force for companies and their employees.”

Explore how Career Skills Training can elevate your team's capabilities, with a tailored programme that meets your business needs.

Visit or contact the team on 0330 123 2523 or [email protected]