PA23/07650: Planning permission for the demolition of an existing dwelling and outbuilding with a replacement dwelling constructed in its place has been approved by Cornwall Council.

The local authority granted permission for the work at the property known as Hazeldene, 98 Liskeard Road, Callington, Cornwall.

Mr and Mrs G Dawe applied to the council for the work, which was approved with conditions.

Mr George Roberts, a neighbour of the property, told Cornwall Council that he was supportive of the application, but had questions.

He wrote: “Whilst in general terms we are supportive of the proposed application for redevelopment of the existing property at 98 Liskeard Road, Callington, we would make the following comments.

“With regard to the garage window, as indicated on the Northeast Elevation plan, we would respectfully request that this is glazed with obscure glass rather than clear, thereby retaining our current privacy at the rear of number 96.

“The proposed dormer bungalow roof ridge height will presumably be considerably higher than the existing bungalow roof ridge height (not clear on plans), also the proposed dorma bungalow is a longer property.

“Consequently, it is of serious concern that we will lose significant daylight at the rear of number 96 (i.e. during the winter months the rear of the property will be in complete shade for much longer than currently).

“It is our understanding that the corrugated tin roof at number 98 was affixed on top of the existing corrugated asbestos panelled roof.

“Are we to understand that the council will ensure the process of removing the asbestos panels is undertaken in accordance with relevant Health and Safety Regulations for dealing with such hazardous material?

“Together with sufficient notice of such work commencing.”

Mr P Merriman said: “My property, 100 Liskeard Road is the main foul drain also for number 102 Liskeard Road, in simple terms it is a shared foul/sewage line to the street drain.

“Under the main drain cover on my property is where the drains combine, Also leading into that drain is a drain pipe from Hazeldene, 98 Liskeard Road! This may be just a surface drain,

“Could it please be confirmed that it will not be an additional foul drain into number 100 making it a third share as this could likely cause a future problem.”

It was also supported by Callington Town Council.

In their consultation submission, the town council’s planning committee said: “Callington Town Councillors unanimously agreed to approve the application subject to the planning officer being satisfied with the following conditions.

“That they (the planning officers) are happy that it is in keeping with the plans, noting the substantial increase in the footprint of the new build.

“To ensure the correct removal of the asbestos within the property (noted in the previous application PA13/04623).

“Note the increase in ridge size of the new proposed property and to note that the property is adjacent to a busy builder’s merchant, so need to need mindful of vehicular access to and from the property remains safe for all involved.”

The approval by Cornwall Council was conditional.

This was with three conditions additional to the standard two conditions of the work being undertaken within three years of the granting of permission and that it has to be done in accordance with the approved plans.

The additional conditions are: “Prior to the construction of the dwelling hereby approved, a scheme for the incorporation of bat boxes and bird boxes and bee bricks at a minimum rate of one measure per dwelling shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

“Such details shall include the location and specific details of each feature. The approved features shall be installed prior to the occupation of the dwelling to which they relate and shall thereafter be retained and maintained as such.

“Reason: To accord with policy G1-10 of the Climate Emergency Development Plan Document 2023 and policies 1, 2 and 23 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2020- 2030 and paragraphs 8 and 174 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2021.

“The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the energy and water efficiency measures and renewable energy provision detailed in the approved Energy Statement (received 20.11.2023).

“The agreed details shall be implemented with the construction of the dwelling and thereafter retained and maintained.

“Reason: To secure the sustainable energy and construction details in accordance with Policy SEC1 of the Climate Emergency Development Plan Document, February 2023.

“The proposed works shall be carried out in accordance with the recommendations set out in section ‘5. Discussion and Recommendations’ of the ‘Preliminary Ecological Appraisal’ by Derek Gow Consultancy Ltd.

“Reason: In order to mitigate the impacts on protected species and protect the biodiversity of the site in accordance with Policy 23 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030 (Adopted 22nd November 2016).”