Last week, here at Phluid Towers, we were joined in the studio, via Zoom, by Tom and Sam from the amazing band, The Lucettas, from Essex. (If you missed that interview, don’t panic, as you can find the episode by searching Phluid Records or Phluid Vision).

So, from Essex, get yourselves ready for a metaphorical road trip next week, as we are travelling up to Scotland on October 5, to speak with the effusive singer-songwriter, Kate McCabe. You can’t say that we don’t scour the UK to bring you some of the most fantastic and new talents, delivering them straight into your sitting room, bedroom, or office without you having to leave the comfort of your own home; rather like a musical version of Deliveroo, but without the calories.

Based in Glasgow, Kate began her musical career back in 2013, at the age of 15. Since that time, her single, “I Am Her (The Devil is Desire)”, released in 2021, which we played on the Wal of Paine show just a few weeks ago, enjoyed airplay on BBC Scot’s Roddy Hart Show. It also achieved a semi-final place in the International Songwriting Competition, 2022. Her single “Ode To A Town”, was nominated in Best Folk category at the online radio awards in 2021, and “To Do Wi’ The Guy”, followed quickly after.

Kate, together with some close collaborators, has just finished filming her latest video to go with her new single release “That’s Where I’ll Be”

We know Kate is particularly pleased and proud of this video, and we can see why.

The video sees actors, Taylor and Ashton, performing a beautiful dance on a wide open beach, perfectly interpreting the songs haunting theme.

You can check it out with a simple search on YouTube, and catch the full video on the show next week, where will find out if really was as cold as it looked!

When we spoke with The Lucettas last week, we touched on “labels” given to bands to describe their style of music and genre, a feat we found impossible with this band, and are struggling with when it comes to Kate McCabe. Described as Atmospheric, alternative pop, this in itself seems to be a description reaching to put Kates music in a box. Take some time out to look up this fresh young talent before joining Leo and Neil on the Wal of Paine show where they will no doubt ask Kate how she sees her own music. Search phluidvision, drop into our chatroom, and speak with Kate yourself on the 5th.

We consider ourselves very blessed, here at Phluid Mansions, to be joined by so many talented and fantastic artists and musicians, and Kate follows in a long line of genuine and creative people that have taken time out of their busy schedules to speak with us. Thank you to you all, and here’s to the next wave...

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