Anyone who has been fortunate enough to see Ashley Harding live will need little, or no introduction to this particular column. 

Any one of those people who has picked up an “I knew Ashley Harding before he wasn’t famous” sticker, as we have done, may now have a collector’s item. I think it’s fair to say that, with the release of his debut album, “Spoon Music”, fame is already catching up with Ashley. The fact that he is too humble to be aware of this fact, is partly what makes him such a great musician and an all-round good guy.

We haven’t spoken with anyone, in any walk of life, who knows Ashley, that doesn’t suffix every comment about him with, “what a lovely guy.”

And Ashley is no stranger to Phluid Heights, having been a guest on the Wal of Paine show earlier this year. With the release of “Spoon Music” we asked Ash if he would come back and speak with us again; talk about how he put the album together, talk about the wonderful musicians he has collaborated with to achieve the perfect Americana sound he was after, and generally talk abut “All Things Ash”. We were stoked that he said, “yes”. Phew!

Here are just three snippets we garnered to describe the album.

“Impressively new and refreshing Country/Americana.”

“Ashley’s voice sounds like brushed liquid silver.”

“I was amazed that Ashley isn’t from America at all. He is Welshman living in Cornwall.”

These quotes form the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to reactions to Ashley’s music, and having heard it ourselves, you would indeed be forgiven in thinking that Ash has just come ‘Straight Outa Nashville.’

We will be speaking with Ashley next week, on Thursday, 19th of October, on the Wal of Paine show starting at 7pm and running through to 9pm.

But that’s not all. Plymouth’s premier ‘Junk Jazz’ outfit, Lady Noir will also be joining Ash, Leo and Neil as we attempt the shows first ever ‘double zoom’. We will join Hannah and the guys to chat with them about an up-coming event, and hope to have a cross-over period where we are all on the show together.

As many people who follow Phluid Records and Lady Noir will know, The Shady Lady, Hannah (singer in the band), has had her own battle with cancer over the last year, and is now very much on the road to recovery. Over the weekend of the October 21 and 22, the guys (and Gal), will be playing at the Depot in Plymouth, in a charity spectacular, ‘Carpe Diem Festival’, topped by friends of Phluid, ‘The Andy Quick Band’ on the Sunday. Black Tar Roses will also be amongst some great bands and even Phluid’s very own Leo “Basedriver” Paine (Wal of Paine show), can’t help but get involved, and will be closing the whole event with a memorable selection of tunes, that will end the weekend with a bang.

Search Carpe Diem Festival to find out more.

Please tell your friends, and join us on the 19th for an epic show, with a playlist showcasing theses amazing local talents.

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