Members from St Austell Coastguard were tasked to investigate reports of a damaged kayak that had washed ashore at Booleys Beach near Par last week.

It was reported that the first two team members who arrived at the rendezvous point made contact with the officer in charge who was on route in the vehicle.

It was then decided to investigate prior to the arrival of the rest of the team in case casualties were involved.

A spokesperson from St Austell Coastguard explained: “Before the advanced party reached the scene the team and vehicle had arrived and quickly followed.

“A double kayak was found which had been broken in two (assumed by the storm) and after a local search no casualties were= found.”

It was said that the coastguard removed the debris above the high water mark to avoid a further call out at a later date – the team returned to the rendezvous and were stood down.

A spokesperson continued: “The caller did exactly the right thing in calling for the coastguard to ensure no one was in need of assistance.”