CHILDREN will be planting seeds for the future as a new community farm grows.

The trees that stand at Pentiddy near Pensilva were first planted by local schoolchildren 20 years ago, eventually turning what was a bare field into a community woodland.

Now, the Tregovenek Community Farm Project, which is located next to Pentiddy, is finding out how much carbon is being stored in these trees.

“We were successful in a bid through the University of Plymouth’s Get Involved Award earlier this year, and researchers and students have been collecting data,” said Ele Waters.

“The soils in the woodland and at Tregovenek are also being investigated to see how they differ and how they change over time with particular interest being on how the soil at Tregovenek will improve thanks to regenerative farming practices.”

Children from Pensilva Primary School will be coming out on November 29 to help collect some of the data and to learn about the role trees and soils play in our changing environment. They’ll also be sowing tree seeds and starting a tree nursery at the farm.

“Initially the trees that grow on in the nursery will be used to improve the hedges around the land at Tregovenek, but there is a hope to continue with the tree nursery to supply trees wherever they are needed in the local area.  

“It feels fitting that now, 20 years later, in line with Tregovenek’s vision and values, the children will be helping to create a better environment for future generations.”

Tregovenek – Cornish for ‘Place of Hope’ – is an eight acre property owned by a Community Benefit Society formed in 2022.

The vision is to establish a thriving and diverse community farm that will use appropriate farming practices and land-based wisdom – both ancient and modern – to nourish and regenerate the land.

Tregovenek will also be a gathering space for people to come together to share and learn skills and knowledge, connecting with other projects in the area to provide collective resilience in the face of climate and ecological emergency.

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