Car owners without a garage to park their car in have been advised on the best ways to preserve their car out in the open. The car leasing experts at have given drivers some top tips for keep their car in showroom condition without the protection of a garage.

With the summer weather finally here in the UK there is a risk of dirt and damage occurring to vehicles from sun exposure, tree sap and bug splats.For those without a garage to protect their car from the elements, there are a few ways to preserve a car when parking on a driveway or the street.A spokesperson for said: “Keeping a car in tip top condition during the height of summer can seem like a difficult task, especially when there is no access to a garage.“Whether it is using a windscreen cover or simply washing regularly, there are many ways in which you can make sure a lack of a garage is not a hindrance.”

Here are the seven best tips to maintain your motor without a garage:Use a windscreen cover - A windscreen cover can not only stop the car from overheating, but it can also prevent the dashboard from fading too.

Regular washing - It sounds painfully obvious but ensuring your car stays clean is essential, excess dust, pollen and sap can build up over time. This can cause the exterior of your car to deteriorate quickly.

Wax - To protect your car’s paint job from external forces such as UV damage, regular wax application can help to coat the bodywork and provide protection.

Oil - Even if your car is stored in a place that is unlikely to rust too badly or seize up, application of WD-40 is important to keep things moving as they should.

Be wary of hazards - Just check that your driveway or parking spot is not loomed over by a tree, or if it is, make sure that this tree is secure and not in danger of dropping anything damaging onto your car. If your car is against a hedge or similar, ensure that there are no thorns or outward branches that could rub against the paintwork. 

React quickly to any damage - with your vehicle out in the elements to an extent, any damage might be exacerbated further by weather conditions, so any scratches or dents should ideally be dealt with as soon as possible. 

Invest in a car shelter - While not the cheapest, and providing some issues when it comes to home owners codes etc. a car shelter, which takes the shape of more or less a gazebo to put over your car, could keep the worst of the elements away. You would need plenty of room but such products are worth a look into. Visit for more.