By Mike Allsopp

St Patrick's Night at Billy's

Having my birthday on March 18 and being one-quarter Irish I have always been acutely aware of the celebrations to mark the patron-Saint of the Emerald-isle. I was once a visitor to Dublin and, having toured the legendary Guinness factory and the locals bars have first-hand experience of the merriment and madness the March 17 can bring.

Billy, at Looe's Angling Club, booked me to DJ for the night and this morning my head is still nursing the music playlist. T'was a fabulous evening of mostly dance music interspersed with tracks from the likes of Dexy's Midnight Runners, The Irish Dreamers and The Dubliners to keep the revellers happy.

Simon back on the road

My good buddy, and still Mayor of Liskeard, young Simon Cassidy is getting ready for another trip to deliver medical and humanitarian aid to the people of war-torn Ukraine on 27th of this month. Understandably, he's obviously distraught that I won't be co-piloting him on this occasion but once again he will be representing the two towns of Liskeard and Looe as part of the Cornwall and Devon 'Sending Love To Ukraine' convoy, each van taking 3.5 tonnes of support to the displaced and injured.

Sadly the reporting on the war situation has become minimal in light of other ongoing conflicts and home news and, as such, the plight does fade from our attention. The war is, however, escalating and families are continually suffering at the hands of their aggressors, something we, hopefully, will never have to experience first-hand.

Simon and the rest of the Sending Love To Ukraine volunteers do all give their time and efforts free of charge however, as before the cost of van hire, petrol and basic accommodation needs to be met and so readers are invited to support them by donating via

Caradon Youth Theatre

You might recall I recently reported on a fabulous show performance of The Wizard of Oz by producer Nic Early and Caradon Youth Theatre.

Well, Nic has been in touch this week asking me to mention their latest performance of 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' which is being held at Liskeard School and Community College from Friday, March 15, to Saturday, March 23. So not many performances left! I'm already told early performances have surpassed expectations with excited don't miss the remaining opportunities to go along.

Tickets are still available from or 07899 953091.

Sheila's School of Dance Competition 

Both Mrs A and I were invited to judge this fabulous display of young talent at Tencreek Holiday Park on Sunday afternoon.Children aged between three and 22 years, all of whom are proteges of the school, performed to an audience filled with screaming parents and grandparents.

All the judges agreed that the standard is just getting better year on year and that, without doubt, is due to the effort and dedication of Sheila and her long-standing team of teachers.