FOR many weeks now the rainfall has been incessant, storms and high winds have caused flooding locally and brought a series of landslips to any talk of outdoor events has been somewhat muted.

On Saturday the Liskeard Radio Roadshow team joined the 1st Liskeard Scouts to support their first main event of the season, the Easter Fun Day held at Castle Park.

We arrived at the studio around 9.30am to heave our PA system into the car and set off for the park with Ken resting the rather large marque bag on his lap.

The field was muddy and I was warned by the gate marshal not to stop the car for fear of losing traction and getting stuck, however by the time we reached our alloted pitch the once clean wheels and underside were now caked in it!

We started to unload and anyone watching Ken and myself erecting the nine meter square marque must have likened us to the Chuckle Brothers though thankfully we had Cllr Tracey Adams on hand to help us put it has to be said at this point that the frame, roof covering, rear panel, side panels and support poles all came from just one, heavy, canvas bag.

By just after 11am visitors had started to trickle in and after our sound checks were complete Ken kicked off the music with his eclectic mix of tracks covering the last five or six decades.

I took this opportunity to wander around and chat with some of the stall holders who had gambled on the weather and were selling their wares or promoting the groups they represented.

Adjacent to our tent was deputy mayor Christina Whitty who was running the Liskeard Lions Tent with a variety of games for children and adults alike.

Next, across the park, was the wonderful Liskeard Community Fridge, part of the Community Treasure Chest who receive and make use of perfectly good food items from local supermarkets that cannot be sold, by virtue of the sell-by dates, and would otherwise go to waste.

I was also pleased to see the 'bed-making' competition which I had won, by dubious means, at Lux Park's 50th anniversary last year.

A regular at these events is Steve Hibbert of Vintage 72 Toys in Liskeard whose stall is always extremely popular with the children, and Saturday was no exception...add to that the huge bouncy castle and football games at the far side of the park.

For the competitive amongst the visitors there was a ‘fun run' for children of all ages and also the dog show which was well-attended in all categories.There was also a visit from 'Marshall' from Paw Patrol!

I was also very pleased to be approached by an individual who had been listening to my Late Breakfast Show in which I invite businesses to advertise with us and also potential new presenters...they were interest in both! If readers a similarly interested please just contact myself on [email protected]