A youngster has conquered her fear of cycling and has been ’zooming off’ on trips to raise funds for her local Foodbank.

Liliana Avent Rey, who is eight, was having a chat with her mum Zaida about how some families will be struggling more financially because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Stoke Climsland Primary School pupil decided she wanted to help – and she knew just the way to do it, says her mum.

’She decided that she would ride her bike for three miles on five separate days, each time in a different costume. She’s been a butterfly, Snow Whie, a cow, and Hermione from Harry Potter and on the last day a rainbow.’

Having raised more than £800 so far, Liliana is hoping she’ll receive her first Blue Peter badge.

In a letter to the programme she writes: ’I feel sad that some families don’t have enough money to buy food so I decided to raise money for the Foodbank. I decided to ride my bike in fancy dress.

’At first I was scared to ride my bike without stablisers but I’m zooming off now.’

To support Liliana visit www.justgiving.com and search for Zaida Blasco.