Bodmin’s dancing youth traded the sleepy Cornish town for the manic city of London in order to deliver a performance to none other than the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.  

Members of the KBSK youth dance group, run by Adie Dove were invited to 10 Downing Street in order to join in a number of workshops and perform a dance workshop in front of the Prime Minister.  

They had been invited to Downing Street as part of events organised by the National Theatre to celebrate British theatre, and for many of the young people involved, it was the first time they had visited London.  

It was part of a number of events to celebrate 60 years of the National Theatre, which had been created by an act of parliament in 1963. The event, featured five different rooms highlighting different tasters of what the theatre does and offered an opportunity for guests to meet the theatre makers that do it.  

Managing director Adie Dove said of the event: “It was a sensational opportunity for the children and they got to experience London for the first time and I’m grateful for all those who made it happen. I’d like to say a particular massive thank you to our Sophie and Wayne for making our London adventure possible. Sophie always goes above and beyond making every event and activity super special with her loving nature, keeping all of our young people happy and safe and Wayne is always busy behind the scenes volunteering his time to ensure everything is booked and runs smoothly, we are so lucky to have you both."