I was very sad to hear the news that Looe West, Pelynt, Lansallos & Lanteglos Cornwall Councillor Edwina Hannaford has passed away. My thoughts are with her husband Simon, her family and her many friends.

Following in her father’s footsteps Edwina believed in public service and has been a strong voice for Looe for many years. We both became Councillors on Caradon District Council in 2003 and served together until the Council was abolished in 2009. I will always remember how well she served the people of Looe and spoke up for them in Council meetings.

It was no surprise to me when she was elected as their representative on Cornwall Council when it was formed in 2009. Whilst we did not always agree politically I always knew she was a strong local voice and someone that I always listened to. Rest in peace Edwina, your service to your local community will always be remembered.

I was really pleased when Devon and Cornwall Police made the decision to replace the old police station in Liskeard however I always thought that there should be a front desk for the public to be able to come in. I made a number of representations along with local Councillors and I am delighted that a front desk is now to be incorporated into this new building.

I would like to thank the Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez and all at Devon and Cornwall Police for making this a reality.

After knocking on some doors in Saltash on Saturday morning I met with the Tamar Toll Action Group. I said I have already told the Joint Committee that I will not support another increase in the Tolls and have written to the government stating this.

We have only seen them increase last year. They need to review their expenditure and look at other revenue items. Whilst I share their long term ambition to remove all tolls this will take some time but I will keep pushing for other achievable improvements along the way. These include pushing for Automatic Number Plate Recognition to alleviate hold ups at the booths.

In parliament I was able to meet with the Office of Rail and Road and ask them to investigate the delay in providing the footbridge at Lostwithiel Station. Whilst following me raising this delay with the Prime Minister last week and subsequently the Minister and Secretary of State for Transport confirming that they are looking into this, I am determined to continue to raise this matter whenever I can until this much needed footbridge is installed. Enough is enough and my constituents in Lostwithiel deserve better.

I also met with the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) on Tuesday. The BMRA represents the UK metals recycling sector, which is worth £7-billion and comprises an estimated 2,500 businesses, directly employing over 15,000 people, some of them are based in South East Cornwall.

Due to the work of BMRA members millions of tonnes of waste never reach landfill, and instead goes back into the supply chain for products such as British-manufactured cars, infrastructure projects and other products consumed by the general public — making the sector crucial to the UK’s circular economy.

A few years ago, I visited Henry Orchard to open his aluminium furnace which reduced the number of lorry journeys needed for the onward transportation of this waste product for re use. We also discussed the overzealous checks on licensed businesses which completely misses those who operate without license in an illegal way.