A RIDER from Talland near Looe has qualified to take part in a prestigious international horse show.

Ellie Hutchings has been sat on horses since ‘before she could walk’ according to her mother, Vanessa.

Ellie has been a member of the riding club and taken part in a number of different events with her horse such as jumping and arena eventing but has delved into the genre of showing with her thoroughbred cross Welsh pony – Springtime Sun or better know in the stable as, Nia.

Ellie travelled to Liskeard Show this year with her mother and father to ‘have a bit of fun’ in the showing classes.

Vanessa explained: “When I got the schedule, I saw that there was a qualifier for the London International Horse Show.

“So I thought let’s enter it, and if you win how amazing would that be because you’ve never been before and to ride there on your first time would just be magical and the dream came true.”

Ellie and Nia won the class at Liskeard Show which has now qualified them both to take part in the London International Horse Show in December this year.

At the show, the pair will be taking part in the working show horse class of the ‘rising star’ section organised by the British Horse Association — a section of the show which looks to encourage more people to get into showing by providing qualifying classes at horse shows around the county.

Ready to travel with Ellie, her father and Nia to the show, Vanessa explains her excitement.

“What an amazing opportunity. I would of loved to have been in her shoes.

“To do something like that is a dream come true for young girls.”

Ellie added: “Nia came to us in February this year. It was only by chance really. We heard that a family friend had a horse for loan, and would suitable for me, mum knew about Nia so we went over and picked her up.

“We have had a very fruitful summer together doing show jumping, arena eventing and fun rides. We entered the rising star working show horse at Liskeard Show with a ‘let’s have a go’ attitude.

“It was my first ever attempt at showing and Nia went lovely in the class and we also had the only clear in the jump section. Winning this class was absolutely amazing. It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet and cannot wait to ride her at the London show.

“Nia is a wonderful easygoing horse, she’s perfect in every way. I am very lucky to have her and I’m also very grateful to her owner Sue, for trusting us with her.

“Most importantly I want to say a huge thank you to dad for driving me everywhere and to mum who does everything when I’m at work.

“They support me so much and I couldn’t do it without them.”