New food hygiene ratings have been awarded to four of Cornwall’s establishments, the Food Standards Agency’s website shows.

Restaurants, cafes and canteens

The following ratings have been given to three restaurants, cafes or canteens:

• Rated 4: North Street Kitchen at 55 North Street, Fowey, Cornwall; rated on April 10

• Rated 4: The Palm Tree Bistro at Trevena Cross Nurseries And Garden Centre, Trevena Cross, Breage, Helston; rated on April 10

• Rated 3: Wilf Caribbean Cuisine at The Devon & Cornwall, 1 West Street, Millbrook, Torpoint; rated on April 10

Pubs, bars and nightclubs

And one rating has been handed to a pub, bar or nightclub:

• Rated 4: The Copley Arms at Copley Arms, Church Hill, Hessenford, Torpoint; rated on April 10