A woman was left stunned after a Christmas tree was chopped down and stolen in the middle of the night — from her back garden, writes Lauren Beavis.

Sarah Yardley, 40, of Wadebridge, received a strange text from friends leaving her Christmas party — informing her they had spotted someone ‘hopping over her fence with half a tree’.

The fir tree was located in Sarah’s back garden, adjacent to her house, which is enclosed by a stone wall roughly five foot tall, with a gate in the centre.

Sarah said: “What a funny set of experiences. My friends were leaving the party, and saw someone jumping over the back stone wall of my garden — hauling away one of my Christmas looking trees.”

Sarah, who works full-time for Creation Fest, has not reported the incident to the police, as she is unaware of who committed the act and no cameras have picked up the theft.

She added: “The only motive that I could think of is someone couldn’t afford a Christmas tree — that must be the reason? If they had only asked, I would have been glad to share.”

Sarah has since received a new Christmas tree in the post from one of her neighbours — so she can grow her own and in ten years time, can fully admire one again.