Proposals by the East Cornwall Hunt to convert part of a barn into kennels and stables are set to be debated tonight by St Cleer Parish Council.

Currently, the hunt have a lawful development certificate to keep eight hounds and existing stables at the property at Higher Gimble to the west of the site, but they now wish to return the entire pack to the site, a total of 48 hounds.

The proposed development would see a change of use of part of a barn to kennels and stables, a mezzanine extension to the barn and a relocation of an existing exercise area.

In the planning application submitted to Cornwall Council, the East Cornwall Hunt says that despite the six-fold increase in the number of hounds on the property, the noise level will not increase substantially due to ‘acoustic preparations’.

Ahead of the meeting of the Parish Council, where it will decide whether to support the application or raise an objection to Cornwall Council’s planners who will have the final say, a number of residents nearby have had their say on the plans.

Prior to the meeting, there had been 17 comments submitted to Cornwall Council, comprising of 14 objections and three statements of support.

One of those expressing support was Mr Michael Townsend, who said: “I fully support this planning application to change the usage of the building back to how it used to be (as) kennels and stables for the hunt. As you can see by the noise survey it will not make any difference to the surrounding houses. Trail hunting is still very popular, and it will be providing more jobs back to the local area as well as visitors to the area. helping our economy in such a supporting community.”

However, not all the comments were as enthusiastic, with Mr Steve Sharp saying: “The noise from the hounds barking will shatter the tranquil village life here at common moor! Not to mention, we had hounds that escaped rampage through our garden, frightened our children, chased our cat in and around our house.”

Mrs Linda Hosken raised concerns about the noise impact, with part of her response saying: “Previously when hunting dogs were housed at Little Gimble the Noise was horrendous, day and night barking and at feeding time the noise was even worse.”

The proposals can be viewed on the Cornwall Council planning portal under reference number PA23/00102