A CONSULTATION has been launched to explore the possibility of reducing a road speed limit in Bodmin.

Cormac Solutions, alongside Cornwall Council has launched a consultation to reduce the speed limit of a section of road that is currently national speed limit, in order to reduce it to 40 miles per hour on a stretch of road from opposite Morrisons supermarket on Priory Road, up to the junction to Tollgate Road, slightly beyond the Bodmin Police Station.

The suggestions come in tandem with proposals to install a series of signalised pedestrian toucan crossings at the junction of Tollgate Road, in order to enable access to the road from a proposed housing estate set to be built by Persimmon Homes, which is currently awaiting planning permission.

However, the local councillor to the area, councillor Leigh Frost, the Cornwall Council member for Bodmin St Petrocs, has called for the speed limit to be changed to 30 miles per hour as opposed to 40, saying that he has received complaints from residents on the existing housing development behind Bodmin Police Station about the speed of cars on that road.

Cllr Frost added: “Cornwall Council has launched a consultation for important changes to the length of Priory Road from Morrisons roundabout. As we know, this area has seen an increase in residential development, and the road needs to be improved to be suitable for its new environment.

“My own view is that instead of a new 40-mph zone, I believe there should be an extension of the existing 30-mph to Tollgate Road to ensure that pedestrians now living in the area can walk to and from town without fear of fast-moving traffic.

“However, that is just my opinion, and others will have differing views, which is why it is important that you please respond to this consultation. It is open until February 23.”

Responses to the consultation can be made online at www.cornwall.gov.uk/trafficconsult or by writing to Infrastructure Design Group, Cormac Consultancy, Radnor Road, Scorrier, Redruth, TR16 5EH.