UNLIKE many presentations, it was no surprise to the people of Callington who their Citizen of the Year was going to be.

On Tuesday, May 23, Callington Town Council held their annual ‘Mayor Choosing’ ceremony.

At this meeting, traditionally, the outgoing Portreeve gives a special presentation Citizen of the Year.

There was no surprise to the gathered audience that this award was presented to Mr Darren Tait for his valiant efforts in leading the Cornwall and Devon Sending Love to Ukraine group.

Darren, and other Cornwall and Devon Sending Love to Ukraine members were present, with some of his fellow Lions from the Lions Club of Callington, when he received the award from outgoing Portreeve, Mrs Sue Tolman.

This initiative started as a plan of Darren’s to take a van load of aid to Ukraine in the first days of the Russian invasion. On Sunday March 6, 2022, nine vans set off in the first convoy.

Since then this has also been supported by local businesses, organisations and charities including Callington Lions and other Lions clubs from the South West.

They have now had eleven trips taking aid to Ukraine. Over a 110 van loads which has included medical equipment; baby products; sleeping bags; wheel chairs; generators and even an ambulance. They have assisted over 60 people to come to various areas of the UK including rescuing animals.

The team are now on their next trip taking aid to Ukraine via Poland which departed on May 28.