A PIONEERING Calstock business, which is revolutionising healthcare solutions for post-mastectomy patients, is partnering with the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA).

Sam Jackman, co-founder of We Wear Boost, has been handpicked to join the prestigious 2024 cohort of NIA Fellows, marking a monumental achievement for Cornish innovation and business success.

Boost's groundbreaking approach to breast form design has earned it a coveted spot in the NIA Fellowship programme, placing Cornish ingenuity at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

This partnership signifies a significant milestone in the journey towards enhancing patient care and driving positive change not only within the NHS but also across the broader healthcare landscape.

Boost was founded to address some common issues in the design and function of the traditional breast prosthesis.

Inspired by Sam’s mother, who had a mastectomy 17 years ago as part of her treatment for breast cancer, Boost’s unique designs and people-centred approach has seen the company go from strength to strength.

Sam said: “I am thrilled that our work at Boost has been recognised as a key innovative approach which could make a difference to the NHS.

“It’s wonderful to be able to work much more closely with healthcare professionals and decision makers to support breast form wearers across the UK.”

NIA Fellows will receive tailored support and mentorship from a network of experts, enabling them to further develop and scale their innovations for maximum impact.

Sam is already preparing to scale-up the company, with an investment round and move to a larger premises on the cards.

Sam added: “I am really looking forward to the next phase of growth, so that we can get more of our innovative products to the women that need them.

“Without the NIA’s support, working with the NHS has felt quite daunting and complex. Now, we have the support and recognition we need to make a bigger difference to the lives of breast form wearers, which is really exciting!”

Established in 2015 as an initiative of NHS England and delivered in collaboration with the Health Innovation Network, the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) is recognised for its proficiency in identifying and amplifying high-impact, evidence-based solutions.

Commissioned by the Accelerated Access Collaborative at NHS England and operated in partnership with the 15 Health Innovation Networks, the NIA supports outstanding individuals in scaling and adopting mature innovations across the NHS.

Its overarching goal is to improve patient outcomes and stimulate employment growth in the UK.

Jack Porter, co-director of the NHS Innovation Accelerator, said: "In a time of immense challenge, these innovations have demonstrated outcomes that show us a vision of a better NHS for both staff and patients.”

To find out more about We Wear Boost visit their website wewearboost.com