The West of England Bandsmen’s Festival has announced the test pieces for next summer’s 95th festival on June 16.

The emphasis is on music by Cornish composers and those with Cornish connections. Gareth Churcher and Christopher Bond are continuing to make an impact with their accessible, but still challenging new pieces, with an evergreen piece by the late Goff Richards. Several Salvation Army pieces make a welcome appearance, with Eric Ball, who had a very close connection with the Festival, providing the Championship Test Piece.

Prize money totals some £4000 with £1000 going to the winners of the Championship Section, as well as the prestigious Royal Trophy, presented by the then Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall to the Festival in 1913.

Over 40 other trophies are presented throughout the various sections, including 12 special soloists awards.

Rules have been changed to allow a band to include up to five guest players, subject to conditions. Full details are at