The Grizzly, this year named "Another brick in the wall", is known as the toughest multi-terrain event in Britain. Each year this event is oversubscribed by runners who want to test themselves against the arduous course set by the organisers, taking in numerous steep hills, plenty of mud and of course the infamous beach sections. This year over 2000 runners got places in the race which gets longer every year, this time it was approximately measured at 20 miles.

The overall winner of the event was Martin Piggott from Great Yarmouth Road Runners in a time of 2:19:39. The first lady to cross the line was Heather Foundling, local Axe Valley Runner, in 2:53:31.

First East Cornwall Harrier home was Len White, in a comfortable time of 3:11:53. Andrew Lord finished in 3:13:19, one second in front of brother Tim Lord. Rob Pick had a good run, coming home in a time of 3:21:20. The last two ECH runners back were Anton Luiten and Mark Andrews who both decided on a slower safer run together, since they are competing in the London Marathon in a fortnight. They finished in a time of 3:34:35.

Other local runners:— Tamar Trotters, Keith Child 2:59:32, Dave Nance 3:02:03,Bill Bowden 3:20:26, Colin Bunting 3:24:42, Jon Coupland 3:43:17, John Rose 3:45:30, Len Russell 3:53:35, Dave Merritt 3:58:40, Kevin Hines 3:58:40, Jane Bremner 3:59:12, Stephen Woolway 4:03:06, Stephen Hand 4:03:20, William Cook- Rose 4:07:46, Pat Penny 4:12:54, Micheal Crithlow 4:36:18, Steve Barnett & Martyn Vincent 4:46:33, Maggie Bunting & Diane Merritt 5:08:09.

NqRR; Pat Lockett 2:41:08, Graham Dobson 2:47:20, David Meredith 3:19:06, Dave Greenhill 3:58:07.