RESIDENTS are upset after around ten Calstock cars were subjected to ‘mindless vandalism’ in a random destructive spree.

Over the Coronation weekend, around ten cars parked on Sand Lane leading out of the village were vandalised, causing frustration amongst affected residents.

The damage to cars included twisted wing mirrors, with some being ripped off the vehicles completely and a smashed windscreen.

The vandalism is reported to have occurred sometime between the night of May 5 and the early hours of May 6.

Calstock resident, Antony Barker who lives on Rosehill Terrace, spoke of the destruction caused to his 19-year-old daughter’s car that had its windscreen smashed.

Antony said: ‘It looks like someone had walked up the hill leaving the village and had smashed, twisted and broken quite a few car wing mirrors. When they got to my daughter’s car, there was a loose stone on the wall that looks like had been used to smash the windscreen.’

Antony explained that himself and his family weren’t initially aware that damage had been caused to other cars and were concerned that it was a premeditated attack.

‘First off we didn’t know if she’d been targeted,’ said Antony.

‘Then my wife was walking down into the village and saw all the wing mirrors broken and in one way it was a relief.

‘Some of the wing mirrors were repairable, but some were smashed or had been ripped off.

‘It’s been more of an inconvenience.

‘My daughter was upset and annoyed as it was a car that she had bought with her own money.’

Antony’s daughter works as a local veterinary nurse and had to be driven to and from work until her car was finally repaired last week after putting in an insurance claim.

‘It’s low crime here so instances like that just don’t really happen’, said Antony.

‘It was just mindless vandalism.’

Residents believe the perpetrator to be one individual who had been causing some disturbance in the village. The rumoured individual was seen to be visibly upset and it is thought to be a random incident.

Aside from the damage caused to the parked cars on Sand Lane, Antony added that the perpetrator had also entered one of his neighbour’s driveways where they had proceeded to pull the wing mirror off their vehicle and smash it on a windowsill.

He explained that unfortunately without any CCTV footage there is no proof of the crime.

Antony and other affected residents have reported the incident to the police but have not had a response.

‘I rang 111 and after waiting 40 minutes I gave up and did an online report. Other residents have also done so’, said Antony.

‘We’ve not heard anything from the police, whether they’re going to do anything we don’t know. It would’ve been nice to get a response from them.’

A spokesperson from Callington Police confirmed that the incident had been reported to them but that 'there are no active lines of inquiry.'

If anyone has any information regarding the incident, it can be reported to Devon & Cornwall Police here: