A MEETING of Bodmin Town Council’s planning committee on Wednesday, January 25, had to be postponed after not enough councillors on the committee turned up.

For a second time since November, a meeting of the committee, which discusses and decides Bodmin Town Council’s responses to planning applications lodged with Cornwall Council as well as listening to representations from the public, could not take place.

Legally, the committee has to have four council members present for the meeting to take place, however, only three attended.

It left Councillor Pete Skea, the chair of the planning committee, no option but to postpone the meeting, with only himself, Cllr Craig Rowe and Cllr Hilda Blacklaw in attendance alongside members of the Bodmin Town Council staff.

Two apologies for absence from the six not in attendance were received confirming their reasons for not being present, with the mayor, Cllr Philip Cooper, attending a ceremony on behalf of the council, and Cllr James Burden who had unavoidable other commitments.

An amended date for the re-adjourned meeting is set to be confirmed by Bodmin Town Council and comes just a week after councillors met to conduct the previously adjourned meeting which had been postponed from October.

The next currently scheduled planning meeting is on February 14 with details of the times and locations of all Bodmin Town Council meetings available on their website at www.bodmin.gov.uk