A couple have found a very rare flower in near Lantic Bay.

Rowena Castillo-Nicholls and her husband Rob Nicholls went to Lantic Bay area to search for the rare Sand Crocus Romulea columnae. They were so delighted to find this rare beauty and saw more than 15++ flowers. The weather is cloudy, murky, misty with a bit of sunny spell that’s why Rowena was able to take a few shots of the flowers with its petals open. The Sand Crocus Romulea columnae was found growing on the clifftops in Lantic Bay area in 1879 and 1881. There’s been a few searches for this rare flower but it was not seen again until 2002. The only other site to see this rare flower is on Dawlish Warren in Devon and in the Channel Islands. Rowena and Rob were delighted and pleased to have seen and photograph this rare and gorgeous flower.

Sand Crocus Romulea columnae
Sand Crocus Romulea columnae (Rowena Castillo-Nicholls and Rob Nicholls )