The beautiful landscapes, scenery and historical settings of Cornwall were close to stealing the show in the BBC’s recent Poldark series. This however isn’t all Cornwall has to offer, the show displays how vital mining is and has been to Cornwall and the communities living there.

Not many will realise the extent of Cornwall’s wealth and importance during the late 1700s and 1800s? In fact, the districts of Camborne and Redruth became the richest mining areas in the world and this wealth was due to the boom in Cornish tin and copper mining.

David Lay Auctions now have an exciting range of tin ingots up for sale, giving you the chance to own your own little piece of history.

  • The Auction takes place on July 14 2022
  • There are 63 items in this sale 
  • All the tin ingots are extremely rare historical artefacts 
  • The starting prices range from £20 to £8,000

Lot 394 is an extremely rare early 19th century East India Company 56lb tin ingot, salvaged from HMS Abergavenny which sank in February 1805 off the coast of Portland with the tragic loss of 260 lives. The wreck is remembered not only for the horrific death toll but also for the loss of its captain, John Wordsworth, the brother of the poet, William Wordsworth.

Shipwrecks and loss of life were a common hazard in the trade of Cornish tin. Lots 393 and 400, are two rare 19th-century Melenear Hayle tin ingots of 56lb and 28lb salvaged from the wreck of SS Liverpool. She went down off the coast of Anglesey on 12th January 1863, when travelling from Cornwall with a cargo of ingots. She collided with the barque La Plata, who was on her way from Liverpool to Lima in Peru.

Ten other lots, mostly rare ingots, were salvaged from the wreck of the SS Cheerful. She left Falmouth in dense fog on 20th July 1885. Fifteen miles from the Longships Lighthouse off Land’s End, due to the extremely poor visibility, she was struck amidships by the torpedo depot ship HMS Hecla, and sank within four minutes. This ship sank with 2 tonnes of tin cargo on board.

These amazing historical artefacts would be an amazing addition to any avid historian or collector’s collection.

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