LAST Monday I was able to welcome the news that we are having a new police desk at Liskeard Police Station with the department at questions in the main House of Commons chamber.  

I was very pleased when our Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez announced this and asked the department what further funding is available for this to happen in other towns.

Last Tuesday I convened the annual general meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on fisheries.  

I was very grateful to the cross party group of MPs who elected me to continue to chair this group which regularly gets around 150 people from the industry together to talk about how legislation affects our fishermen and the processing companies on which they rely.

Also on Tuesday I met with neighbouring MP Johnny Mercer to discuss the tolls on the Tamar Crossings.  We agreed that we would urge everyone to sign the petition that I have set up at 

The petition already has over 3,000 signatures and we are hoping this will show the strength of feeling there is locally to the government.

Last Wednesday I met with BT to discuss broadband provision and 5G coverage.  I have long argued that it is important that all areas, rural and urban, have good connectivity.  I believe this is particularly important in areas like Cornwall.  The government have recognised this and have provided massive investment in this area.

On Thursday I was honoured to be invited to a dinner at Trevol House which is the Captain of HMS Raleigh’s home.  It was good to be able to discuss issues facing our armed services with a number of people from the sector.

On Friday I did my stint for the BBC Politics Show which aired on Sunday and is available on BBC iPlayer.  This week we covered issues including help for the tourist sector, offshore wind and the concerns over politicians security.

Last Saturday I visited constituents in St Neot.  I spent a lot of time knocking on doors and am grateful to those constituents who spoke to me about matters that were important to them. We did have a few heavy showers and it gave me the opportunity to pop into the local produce market. I very much enjoyed the refreshments I purchased which I was pleased are sold to support the church and also to talk to many local constituents there. Thank you for the warm welcome that I received.

On Sunday I attended the Callington Civic Service.  It was good to hear the reflections on the past year by Portreeve and mayor Cllr Peter Watson and to hear of the good works being carried out in the town during the civic awards.  

I would like to thank the Rev David Moss and Pastor Martin Bunkum for leading the service at the Mustard Seed Evangelical Church and all those in the event.