Imagine having the ability to travel back in time to any period in history to meet characters from the past! What would you ask them? Where would you go? In this children’s history channel, Lauren Learns History, presenter Lauren is on a mission to find out about the incredible people, stories and events from history that have shaped the world we live in today, and you’re invited along on the ride!

The channel’s most recent episode sees Lauren travelling back to 18th century Cornwall to find out what the golden age of smuggling was all about. But what happens when she meets a local smuggler who gets a bit carried away and gives away the secrets to his whole operation?! Shh, don’t tell the King’s men! The episode also sees Lauren spending the night in Cornwall’s most infamous smuggling Inn, Jamaica Inn, where owner Allen Jackson puts her up in one of their most haunted rooms! Can Lauren uncover the secret location to Jamaica Inn’s smuggled goods, or will it forever remain a mystery?

The channel is produced by kids history presenter, Lauren Grierson and her history buff husband, Ian Grierson. Inspired by their joint love of history and over 10 years of experience working in London’s top heritage sites, in April of this year they began producing a series of history documentaries aimed specifically at kids. In this time, they have filmed with 11 different museums and worked with a number of leading historical interpreters, actors, and historians all over the UK, who help to bring the history of each episode to life. This episode sees founder and artistic director of Historical Huzzahs, Martin Jakeman, playing the role of the overzealous smuggler!

New episodes are released every other Thursday at 4pm during school term times.