Have a gander at Victor, head of gooscurity

By Cornish Times in Local People

EVERYBODY’S having a gander at Victor the hero goose.

The gallant gander raised the alarm after a mysterious attack on his gaggle of geese.

Victor is a well-known fixture at Forest Holidays’ Deerpark near Herodsfoot - and this week he became something of a hero by alerting general manager Stuart Moir to a distressing incident. ?Stuart was abruptly woken to the sound of honking outside his front door.

There stood Victor repeatedly honking and refusing to budge until Stuart went out to meet him.

Victor then proceeded to waddle down the road as Stuart followed him.

The bemused Stuart was led to a gaggle of Forest Holidays’ Canada geese, surrounded by scores of feathers and a slightly bedraggled looking goose that had clearly been attacked, presumably by another animal.

Fortunately, the goose will be fine, and thanks to Victor is getting all the care he needs.

Stuart said Victor has earned himself the new title of  ‘head of gooscurity.’

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