RNLI's paddle board warning

By Cornish Times in Emergency Services

The RNLI issued a warning over paddle boards after lifeguards went to the rescue of a woman who got into difficulty in strong winds.

The stand-up paddle boarder was caught in strong offshore winds at Sennen Beach.

RNLI lifeguards spotted her drifting out to sea. Using a rescue water craft, they reached her quickly and helped her on to the sled, before she was brought safely back to shore.

Senior Lifeguard at Sennen Beach Jack Hoare said: ‘When there is an offshore wind you can quickly find yourself a long way from the shore and it can be extremely difficult to get back as this lady found out. 

‘Once we’d got her back to the beach she was given some safety advice by a lifeguard and she was reunited with her board.

RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor Ollie Shilston said: ‘This sort of thing is something we are seeing a lot more of on the beaches within this area now. 

‘It is important to use a leash and know how to escape from a rip current. 

‘We want to remind stand-up paddle boarders to wear suitable clothing, including a personal flotation device and to be aware of the effects of cold water shock. The RNLI is also reminding people to check the tides and weather and launch and recover from between the black and white flags as well as learning how to negotiate the surf.’

The RNLI is due to launch its Respect the Water campaign later this month at rnli.org/safety/respect-the-water

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