How safe is your garden decking or park home this summer?

By Cornish Times in Other News

Your child’s or grandchild’s safety is always on your mind, and Fitrite Fencing and Decking ( ) feel the same. Their low maintenance decking, is tested to the highest standards for safety.

Buying the perfect deck, that is low maintenance, doesn’t cost a fortune and keeps your family safe can be a real headache. Reviews online can often describe timber decking as having mould, stains and rotting which can cause slippy and uneven surfaces for children. But then plastic decking is labelled as ugly, shiny and squeaky. 

This leaves many of us confused as to what the best option for garden decking is?

We have the answer in the formula, of wood, plastic composite decking from Fitrite Fencing & Decking ( ).

Its superiority over rival products is plain to see and feel. It has become the number one choice of thousands of home-owners and businesses for its low maintenance and aesthetic timber look. With excellent environmental credentials, outstanding safety ratings and an all but endless lifespan, Fitrite is fast replacing wood as the standard material for outdoor decking.

Fitrite Evolution deckboards are not composite boards and therefore offer alternative, unsurpassed levels of performance.

The design of the Fitrite Evolution deckboards has been proven to make them extremely resistant to impact damage and this has been independently confirmed by our accreditations to British Standards -Static Load Test (BS6399 Pt 1), Wear Resistance (BSEN660-2).Resistance (BS476 Pt7) and Slip Resistance (BS7976-2).

Here are some tips on how to keep children safe this summer from Fitrite. (

Make sure your garden is closed off, with fencing or walls. This keeps your mind at rest from your children running onto busy roads. Ensure your gates and fences are secured and the locks are out of reach.

Ponds and excess rain water can become a hazard to adventurous children, keep these covered and warn your child that these are out of bounds to avoid drowning hazards to small children.

Get de-weeding the garden, nettles and thorny weeds can get anywhere, keep the garden trimmed and the law mowed to keep the kids from rashes and scratches. Make sure they are aware of dangerous plants such as thorny roses and some large grass pants can be sharp and hazardous. Replacing gravely and uneven paving stones with safer non slip, Fitirte Decking will improve your child’s safety when running around the garden or playing with toys.

And finally, keep BBQs and fire pits out of reach, never leave your children unattended and avoid them running and playing in the same areas.

For further details on where to find your nearest supplier or where to find an installer see the Fitrite Fencing and Decking website at or contact their free contact number on: 0800 304 7162