£10,000 Cornish treasure hunt

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The Eden Project is hosting the start and end of a magical treasure hunt across Cornwall for a gold figurine of a goddess valued at £10,000.

On Saturday and Sunday (April 8 and 9), groups of people are invited to go on the free Quest for a Golden Goddess based on the fantasy novel series by Truro-based author and archaeologist Jacqui Wood.

The figurine is a creative imagining of the Goddess Mia, a character from ’Cliff Dreamers’, the first novel in the Goddess Returns series which has just been published by Austin Macauley Publishers, London.

Valued at around £10,000, the intricate figurine is made of gold and encrusted with diamonds and precious stones.

The quest will start at Eden with routes taking in the depth and breadth of the county being allotted to each of the quest followers.

Clues will be given to the followers by quest masters at various points in the routes. All information needed to answer the clues can be found in the quest’s Legend Clue Book that is now available to download.

There will be five clues to find on April 8 by 6pm, when the first day will end. Those reaching the last clue by that time will qualify for the next day’s quest and a chance to win the Goddess. There will be three clues to find by 2.30pm on April 9.

At their last clue, quest followers will be told where to go to get their golden ticket and the first back to Eden with the golden ticket will win the prize. The winner will be presented with the prize at 4.30pm at Eden.

The quest is being run by Jacqui Wood and is free to enter, but there will only be 12 places per route.

Jacqui Wood specialises in the daily life of prehistoric Europeans and is director of Saveock Water Archaeology. She is archaeological consultant to the Eden Project.

For more information about the quest and information about how to sign up, see https://www.facebook.com/GoldenGoddessQuest/

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